The New Orchid Garden

You might be asking yourself: Why “The New Orchid Garden”?

Well, it has nothing to do with the restaurant based in London of the same name (I would fire the guy who does branding, but he’s me, so…). The restaurant seems to be great, but is of indeterminate quality to me, since I have never been there. I might want to rectify that in the future.

In actuality, I took the name from a German-language literary magazine. It was called “Der Orchideengarten”, which, as you might have guessed, is German for “The Orchid Garden”.

If I can hunt down some of the covers and stories, I will be sure to post them here, but my actual reasoning behind the name is Jeff VanderMeer. Mr. VanderMeer, together with his wife Ann VanderMeer, is a leading anthologist in speculative fiction. Three of his most important works are “The Big Book of Classic Fantasy”, “The Big Book of Science Fiction” and “The Weird”. Each of which details the history behind a literary genre by presenting short fiction with commentary from that field.

And in reading “The Weird” I was delighted to hear that the first publication in “Weird Fiction”, was indeed a Germanophone one, seeing as I am a native German speaker. And this magazine was, of course, “The Orchid Garden”.

So there you have it.

Who am I?

Well, I am this guy.

Listen to this guy, he has a cool beard

Does that answer your question? No? No, of course not.

Well, I am a first-time blogger, long-time listener… No, seriously, leaving the David Cross routine out, since I don’t have his timing (even if this weren’t writing).

I am a long-time student with a penchant for languages, starting out with linguistics, later changing to business communication. Alas, working in business was proving to be difficult for me, left-leaning as I am.

So now, I try to do what I wanted to do all along: Write. Some of it here, some of it trying for Clarkesworld and Aasimov (And Future Fire and Uncanny and Lightspeed… I could go on).

And maybe I’ll write some of it for you, dear reader. I’d be delighted.

If you like what I write, you can buy me a coffee – https://ko-fi.com/korbinian. Thanks to all of you.